April 21, 2010

Greetings…My name is David Bacon and I’m running for County Commissioner in Santa Fe County’s District 3.

District 3 covers Airport Road  West to La Cieneguilla and La Cienega, Hwy. 14 down to County Road 41, over to Galisteo then South to Edgewood and back up through the communities of Cedar Grove, San Pedro, Golden, Madrid, Cerrillos, and the San Marcos neighborhood. For the last several months, a group of citizens and staff from county planning have met to work on drafting language for the new plan. The link to the first 6 chapters is here.   I am committed to seeing this plan become the basis for planning in the county. The plan offers a sustainable vision of where we need to move over the next few years so that we can survive and thrive for the next few hundred years. A few of the areas covered in the plan are food, water, energy, housing and economy. The first draft of the plan is very good. To make it really work however, citizens must be involved on a daily basis. I perceive this involvement taking the form of citizen’s boards which could do outreach and education, public studies, and could write ordinances for the commissioners to act upon. Hence, community: communities must be involved in government – issues are too complex and time consuming for five commissioners to handle. This is the definition of democracy which must get stronger, more representative and participatory. These two processes will then help guide the county in its transition to a sustainable county. This shift is both necessary and exciting. Communities flourish when they are challenged and can respond in fundamentally empowering ways.

You may reach me at: tocino8@cnsp.com 474 0484
54 San Marcos Road West
Santa Fe, NM 87508